Some people think my life becomes harder because of someone. Beer apparently only has 7 calories. 



You began to let your darkest moments of your past fill your thoughts and swallow you whole. You knew you had a choice whether to fight them or give in to them, but you decided the latter. You let them consume you until the very last part of you left that was made up of love, hope and trust were completely engulfed into a black abyss. From then on, you were constantly afraid of what the future holds; you were afraid of change; you were afraid of people – afraid that they might get close to you and find out something about you only to use them against you; afraid that you will let jealousy overtake you and end up hating anyone you deemed better than yourself. You kept living like this until every piece of your soul was shredded off from your body only to exist as a soulless entity roaming the face of the Earth. 
It took me awhile to get used to the fact that I can never have you back again and that I am now only left with the memories of our countless adventures residing at the deepest part of my brain. I cherish the good times and the bad, although there were times when I felt completely shut out and alone just because I wanted to know what was wrong with you. I have moved on and despite everything –

I am happy to have had the chance to witness you before everything shattered. 

I am happy to have been able to call you my friend


Something my lecturer said today piqued an interest in me. As a dental student, what with all the practical sessions and endless lectures, it’s hard to actually find inspiration to write (thus, the reason of my absence). Even if I do come across a thought or a story that arouses my senses and urge to write about it, it never made it through. The hectic schedule usually gets the best of everything. I have come to embrace the fact that time is truly precious (as is sleep) and i should never take advantage of any free time that rarely comes my way. 

Just last Saturday, our faculty held the very first interview session for the next intake. Before this, we never had to go through interviews as a requirement unlike some universities. Normally, we were all handpicked by our Dean based on our academic and extracurricular achievements (and a little bit of luck, I might add). So naturally, the interview session was the talk of the faculty. Everyone (lecturers and staffs) were talking about it and giving personal opinions. My lecturer today was one of them. 

He commented how most of the interviewee were not prepared at all. He said that most of them did not even bother to research the course they are planning to pursue. A few even actually thought that all we do in dentistry were tooth extractions! However, I personally feel that we can’t blame them for lacking the knowledge of what they’re about to go through if they pursue the course. There aren’t enough blogs or sites out there that outlines the whole course and give useful advises for anyone that wants to make it in this field. Some people weren’t born with doctors or dentists around them that might let them in on a thing or two about dentistry. I know the struggle because dentistry is a course limited to only a certain amount of students per university. With the fast-paced schedule, it’s not a surprise that not many ever wrote about the life in dentistry.

Identifying Your Photographic Inspiration and Style

The Daily Post

Today’s technology makes the creation of a photograph a trivial thing. With the rapid improvement of cameras within mobile devices in the last decade, we are rarely without the ability to take photographs of the minutiae of our daily lives. We can share images with others with the tap of a button, and the feedback in the form of likes and comments is addictive. With the trivialization of photography in an age of selfies, latte art, sunsets, and vintage color filters (all of which I love, if I’m being honest), some of the heart and art of the craft seems to be getting lost. As a photographer, do you take the time to identify and understand what really excites you when you find it in front of your lens? If not, do you wish to start?

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” —…

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5 Topics Every Author MUST Write About

Dysfunctional Literacy

If Ernest Hemingway said that you MUST write about these five topics, you'd take him seriously. (image via wikimedia) If Ernest Hemingway said that you MUST write about these five topics, you’d probably take him seriously. (image via wikimedia)

Writers don’t like being told what to do.  That’s part of what makes us writers.  We like to write about what we want to write about, and if somebody tells us what to write about, a lot of us will struggle.

Just like most people, I don’t like being told what to do, but I also don’t like telling others what to do.  This puts me in a bad position.  If I don’t like being told what to do and I don’t like telling others what to do, then I’m in a social no-man’s land.  Maybe that’s why I like being a writer; I have complete control without really having to make decisions for anybody else.

I don’t like being told what to read either.  As a reader, I constantly see…

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Letter to M

Dear M,

Last Christmas, I invited you to celebrate with my family because you had to spend Christmas alone. I couldn’t bear to have you spending Christmas alone just because the rest of your family went back to your hometown leaving you behind. It has been ages since I’ve last seen you. You seemed to be doing very well and I was happy for you. I was so excited to introduce you to my new friends for I knew we could all get along just fine. And so, it was true. We got along just fine. They were very friendly and very welcoming as usual. The night before Christmas we had quite a meeting and I was so glad you fit into the picture perfectly.

Then came Christmas day itself. All my other friends came and it has also been so long since I have last seen them. To me, I had a lovely Christmas because all my friends and you and my family, who came all the way from Borneo, were there with me. Even the thought of it was heartwarming. I never told you this but I met up with our best friend while I went back to Borneo for a few days. She told me everything. The part where you said I didn’t make any effort to introduce you to other friends, that I was so ashamed of introducing you to them, that I cared about my newer friends more than my older friends, that you weren’t offered any place in the hotel room just to hang your towel, that whenever you talked to me I focused more on my phone than you, that you will never trust me like before, that you wouldn’t wanna spend Christmas with any of your friends anymore and that you told your sister about it and how she said she ‘knew something like this was gonna happen’.

I sometimes wondered why you never confronted these things to me. Was it possibly because you realized in the end that I DID introduce you to my friends (because they said I did), that I wasn’t ashamed of you because you know me well enough that I’m not the type of person to be ashamed of anything (seriously dude), that I do care about my older friends because if I didn’t I wouldn’t even think of asking you to spend Christmas with my family and I, that you could’ve just opened your bloody mouth and tell me that you didn’t have any place for your towel because I’d sure as hell take down my towel for you (I wouldn’t mind because it was a small matter after all) or that I was facing my phone more than facing you because you were simply too engrossed in bragging about yourself (you never realized this, did you?). And your sister – I’m sorry but has always been against me ever since the beginning. If she ‘knew something like this would happen’ then maybe she would’ve thought twice about leaving you behind. Your sister’s a smartass. Just because she’s older doesn’t mean she is to be respected. It doesn’t work that way. Respect is not dependent of age but of how you treat other people, even those younger than you. Sure it’s inevitable that everybody has opinions of others but it’s a choice to speak your mind and to whom you announce it to. It’s really sad to see how such an educated person like your sister is so judgmental, stereotypical and hypocritical. I’m sure as you all were growing up you have come across the advice that it’s simply wrong to judge people, right?

In conclusion, nobody’s perfect. Not me, not you and most importantly, not even your sister.