21.02.2014 – Only because this is my first post.

Wordpress… seems like a nice place to write down all my daily/weekly or even monthly (I can’t promise. Hee) “happenings”. I love to write journals because it’s the only way I can get to know myself better and see myself improve as an individual fulfilling my passions and dreams. Some of the things I really love (though not too sure whether they’re considered my passion yet) basically consists of singing, drawing, photography, science-mainly Biology and Chemistry, writing, reading and the list goes on and on. Overall, I love exploring and trying out new things or activities. I like to think that, with all the experience I’ll gain throughout my life, I would be able to tell great tales and all my embarrassing moments to my friends, my relatives, my husband and most importantly my children in the future.

I actually have a blog in http://kissthebel.tumblr.com/ which was mainly the first place I planned to write down my thoughts but now, it’s mostly just filled with reblogs and collections of posts that humors me or I can totally relate to. Heh. Well, now I have WordPress, I can freely write! Yipee! Aaaaand my blog in Tumblr will just remain as my blog that contains all the random things (pictures, reblogs, songs etc) I love 🙂

To end my first entry, my friend, Sha, just took a peek of my blog from behind and now she’s starting to compare herself to ‘bloggers’. “I don’t understand why I can’t blog. It’s too much work! I’m not like you guys who writes and play around with bombastic words. You guys can write a whole post about, let’s say apples. Me? I can only manage to write ‘I like to eat apples‘.” This is a little too exaggerated huh? Hahah.

Here’s a picture of square apples. Because the normal ones are too mainstream.

Cuz the normal ones are too mainstream.

Hipster apples.



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