What is up, Malaysia?


Like, seriously. Malaysia, known as the ‘land below the wind’, is located at the equator of the globe. So we have summer all year long – and the occasional raining season. But these days, the weather is becoming extra hot. I’m telling you, I can’t even stand at least 3 minutes beneath the sun without getting this burning sensation on my skin. And my hair, I can’t even let it go anymore. Everywhere I go, it’s always up in a bun or a ponytail or a braid. So because of this, I made a pretty spontaneous decision.

I decided to go for the pixie cut.

Sure, going for a haircut is normal right? What’s the big deal anyway? Well, I have had long hair since I was 9 and I never cut my hair short – let alone the pixie cut. The decision was so spontaneous that I just went to the hairdresser one day and asked her to cut my hair really short.

“I want the pixie cut.”

“What? But your hair is so long and healthy. Are you seriously sure you want to chop it all off?”

“Malaysia’s getting too hot.”

And just like that, my long hair was gone. I tied my hair up in a ponytail that day so she just took it and cut it off. I was surprised she did that so I kinda gasped out a little too loud. Just like that, my days of being “Rapunzel” is over. I’m pretty happy with my hair. It’s cool to try out new looks. The best part is, seeing everybody’s (everyone who’s practically known me their whole lives) reactions when they saw me; I’m no longer the girl with the long hair.


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