Hope for us.

Running, running and running,
Though it may still seem too far,
You can be sure I am still trying.

Reaching out into thin air,
Trying to grasp the moment,
As if the minutes and seconds are in midair.

Oh, if only I could rewind time,
Or stop time if I must,
I might have saved myself from this crime.

This crime of love,
You brought me into with you,
Together in high pace; we drove.

Drove into ecstasy,
Feeling as if the world has only you and I,
Living in our own little fantasy.

I should have known it was too good to be true,
That fantasies will never last as do realities,
I was but naive; I didn’t have a clue.

I can’t look back; not now nor ever,
Because if I do,
I might see those eyes that have won my heart since forever.

Alas, my heart betrayed me once more,
I turned around and there you were,
Looking right into my core.

I willed myself to look away,
But wait, something caught my eye,
It is but a trace of hope for us, gleaming as bright as a sunny day.


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