Something my lecturer said today piqued an interest in me. As a dental student, what with all the practical sessions and endless lectures, it’s hard to actually find inspiration to write (thus, the reason of my absence). Even if I do come across a thought or a story that arouses my senses and urge to write about it, it never made it through. The hectic schedule usually gets the best of everything. I have come to embrace the fact that time is truly precious (as is sleep) and i should never take advantage of any free time that rarely comes my way. 

Just last Saturday, our faculty held the very first interview session for the next intake. Before this, we never had to go through interviews as a requirement unlike some universities. Normally, we were all handpicked by our Dean based on our academic and extracurricular achievements (and a little bit of luck, I might add). So naturally, the interview session was the talk of the faculty. Everyone (lecturers and staffs) were talking about it and giving personal opinions. My lecturer today was one of them. 

He commented how most of the interviewee were not prepared at all. He said that most of them did not even bother to research the course they are planning to pursue. A few even actually thought that all we do in dentistry were tooth extractions! However, I personally feel that we can’t blame them for lacking the knowledge of what they’re about to go through if they pursue the course. There aren’t enough blogs or sites out there that outlines the whole course and give useful advises for anyone that wants to make it in this field. Some people weren’t born with doctors or dentists around them that might let them in on a thing or two about dentistry. I know the struggle because dentistry is a course limited to only a certain amount of students per university. With the fast-paced schedule, it’s not a surprise that not many ever wrote about the life in dentistry.

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