The tale of two beauties.

There used to be two flowers that grew under a big oak tree just across the open field that stretched from my little cottage. These two flowers were of the rarest kinds. They grew flower petals that were the colour of the sunset – yellow, purple, pink, orange – all blended into a colour of hope, wonder and ecstacy. They were so magnificent that you can spot them straight from the windows of my cottage. They were the two beauties of the valley. They existed as one.

On the Friday of the third week of November, I noticed something different. I didn’t know how long it has been that another flower grew between the two beauties. From far away, that flower was as striking as the two but the colour of the petals were different – they were a mixture of red, blue and a tint of purple here and there. The mixture summed upĀ  essences of bold, strong and mysterious all into one.

I was so used to gazing upon the two flowers that now, with a third one sprouting out of nowhere let alone being in between the two, the view was odd. The combination of colours of the three flowers were somehow not in balance. A number of days had passed when one day, I decided to walk across the field towards the big oak tree. Upon reaching, I noticed the most peculiar thing.

One of the beauties and the bold one had produced a new offspring just next to them. It was exquisite. It grew into a colour of rainbow – fun, quirky and lively. It was such a lovely view to witness at that time that I had completely forgotten about the other flower. When I turned my head, I saw it. The other flower had wilted. Its once before colours were drained out from the petals and it has lost every ounce of life in it.

It was gone.

The thing is, it didn’t fit into the picture anymore. It’s existence was overcast by the shadows of the bold one. It no longer belonged and it never will. It will never be the same again because time has changed everything. They will never exist as one anymore.

Thing is, you can’t change what time does on you whether you like it or not. But what you can do is to adapt. You may not be one person’s priority anymore and you may not be able to be as close anymore but that’s okay. You can adapt. We’re humans. It’s in our nature.

Hope for us.

Running, running and running,
Though it may still seem too far,
You can be sure I am still trying.

Reaching out into thin air,
Trying to grasp the moment,
As if the minutes and seconds are in midair.

Oh, if only I could rewind time,
Or stop time if I must,
I might have saved myself from this crime.

This crime of love,
You brought me into with you,
Together in high pace; we drove.

Drove into ecstasy,
Feeling as if the world has only you and I,
Living in our own little fantasy.

I should have known it was too good to be true,
That fantasies will never last as do realities,
I was but naive; I didn’t have a clue.

I can’t look back; not now nor ever,
Because if I do,
I might see those eyes that have won my heart since forever.

Alas, my heart betrayed me once more,
I turned around and there you were,
Looking right into my core.

I willed myself to look away,
But wait, something caught my eye,
It is but a trace of hope for us, gleaming as bright as a sunny day.