We are brave.


You know what happens ALL the time? Fearing the unknown. How many times have we evaded from doing something just because we were afraid that things won’t go as planned? Things won’t work out? Or scared that we might humiliate ourselves; degrade ourselves; get rejected? Let’s face it : countless times. We often overthink a certain situation to the point where we feel as if it isn’t worth trying. Why waste our time trying when we know we’re going to fail, right? But wait – HOW would we even know that we’re going to fail?

You see, the funny thing about humans is that we have a mind. We can think; we can justify the rights and wrongs; we can come up with conclusions and solutions. Well, most of the time we tend to OVERTHINK. We come up with so many possibilities that are often negative ones. Even the easiest problem can be made the hardest.

We’re our bravest in our hardest times.

Most often we always underestimate what we’re capable of. We can do many things; we can overcome anything that’s in our way because God does not let us go through something that we’re not capable of. We just need to be reminded of how brave we actually are then maybe, when given a crisis, we are more than ready to face it.