Just a thought about… THE BRAIN.


I’ve always wondered how our brain works with all those neurons spreading in all directions within it. And how big of an impact it has on our entire being; how it has the power to control our thoughts, our feelings and our motion. I came across this picture in Facebook and it got me thinking about us having this amazing structure contained in the cavity within our heads. Plus, it’s divided into left and right each holding a specific function.

The left being the so-called ‘intellectual’ side where we humans get to do things in order, much like a robot – following the rules; doing things according to plan; where rational judgements and decisions are made. Going to school, for instance, made us all use more of our left brain as teachers usually give us tasks and assignments to do. You either do them and study, or get detention and fail the finals.

The right side, however, is much more interesting because that’s our ‘creative’ side. Imaginations, innovations, senses, emotions ( although sometimes I wish this has an “on/off” button ) – everything we feel, everything we dream of, everything we desire are controlled by this side. We think out of the box when we use this side of the brain. Of course, all work and no play leads to a really sad life. Therefore, the school also encourage us to use our right brain through art classes, sports and other co-curricular activities – but it not being the main purpose of actually going to school.

There are a number of us that uses the left side more, but also that uses the right side more. But all in all, we’re all capable of using both sides in personal development throughout our lives. A proper balance of using both sides should be able to bring out the best in us.